St. Columbkille

St. Columbkille Church was opened in 1921 in Los Angeles. The parish was formerly a mission from Holy Cross Church and extended to almost the southern extremity of the city. There was a building at the corner of 64th Street and Main, but a complete parish plant was finished in 1923 with a school, convent, and rectory. In 1936 the church and rectory were remodeled and re-dedicated. The Church was again remodeled in 1999 thanks to the efforts of parishioners and generous donors. Father Thomas O’Toole was the first pastor. Monsignor Timothy Galvin was pastor for twenty-six years between 1946 and 1972. Monsignor Michael Lenihan, an associate in 1964, was named pastor in 1972, followed by Father Jules Mayer, Fr. John Keese, Msgr. Timothy Dyer and Fr. Francis Mendoza. The current pastor is Fr. Ever Quintero. The parish, built originally for Irish and German immigrants evolved into an African-American community and in the 1980’s became largely Latino. St. Columbkille is clustered/twinned with Nativity Church. Currently the parish is very active and offers various programs led by lay leaders. Programs include: family catechesis, religious education, confirmation, RCIA, RCIC, youth group, prayer groups, Movimiento Familiar Cristiano, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and more.